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For the first session, please prepare a PRESENTATION, 3 MINUTES MAXIMUM. As a subject you can choose to present your department and your company, or a free subject of your choice.

In order to avoid any contact with remote controls, USB memories, pointers, cables….and fully guarantee a maximum protection and prevention against COVID19, no audio-visual support will be used for this presentation (no Power Point, Prezi, PC, etc.)

Please read carefully the OW COVID19 Protocol that we have sent to you together with the training announcement and remember to come to the sessions with your own writing material (notebook, pen, tablet, PC, etc).


You must be present at the starting time of each day. This method requires rigourous punctuality since, in those first minutes, we begin to work on essential concepts that will be basic for what will be covered later on .

In line with work dynamics, cell phones should be off during the sessions. There will be short breaks every hour and a half where calls and messages can be answered.

If, for reasons of force majeure, you need to be absent or take a call during the Cycle, please let the session director know in order to coordinate a plan that guarantees the maximum benefit to you and the group.


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