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What is the OW Cycle?

Paco Muroe would like for your experience with the Otto Walter Cycle of development to be something that motivates and excites you. We are very proud to have you as a participant

It is very gratifying to share experiences with excellent professionals who are still able to question themselves. Not everyone takes that risk. The fact you are attending the first session deserves, on behalf of the entire Otto Walter team, our most enthusiastic congratulations.


A estas alturas, ¿qué me puede ofrecer este Programa?For most people, this is the first question, and it is a good one.  In the end, those who attend an OW Cycle are people with experience who have probably gone through a number of programs during the course of their professional career and are where they are because they have a proven record.  So, why participate?

Can you imagine taking full advantage of all of the experience and knowledge you have? Of how much you could improve if you were able to use everything you already know more effectively? This is exactly the opportunity that is being offered to you right now.


¿Y en qué consiste el Ciclo OW?As you will soon see, the Otto Walter Program is not really a course but a measured process of personal evolution. You do not know exactly what to expect and that is also part of its appeal.

InterrogaciónWe will review all professional situations and behaviors that affect the development Program goal. First of all, you will never see anything revolutionarily new, nor do we want to present you with thories, techniques or prefab recipes. We simply want to help you discover, conscienciously and in a practical way, how different behaviors work and what their effects are so you can do what is most appropriate at each precise moment..

The participative way in which the Program is developed, its work method focused on the day to day, its immediate practical appllication and that feeling of "fresh air" together with a very pleasant yet demanding environment make every OW Program something that, without a doubt, will have a clear impact on you.

Of course, nothing is easy and achieving all of this without a significant effort is much less so. This is where you come in; getting the maximum benefit of this Program is in your hands.

It is not easy to improve, and here, we are referring to REALLY IMPROVING, to doing things differently, to MAKING CHANGE and breaking off with certain habits and ways of understanding that often block us and bring out an inferior version of the high level professional we have inside of us. Now that´s really something! !


¿Cambiar yo?, te preguntarás"Learning, well, you always learn something but, change? That´s something entirely different!"”

This first reaction is normal.  However, if we get trained and a few months later continue doing everything exactly the same as before, what was the point of getting trained? Who has spare time to observe things that have nothing to do with reality? 

We guarantee that we will only look at specific tools in a practical, simple and direct way. No matter how uncomfortable it is to face certain things we will call them by their name, and yes, this is sometimes hard to do, very hard to do. The OW Program begins by setting the foundation which, at first sight, seems simple but, slowly, gives a solid structure on which to be able to act on a higher professional level.

MetamosfosisThe Program consists of a series of interesting and intense working days that include Practical Awareness Experiences (EPC®) throughout and over an extended period of time. Changes do not take place from one day to the next and during periods of EPC you will have the opportunity to discover each aspect studied "in situ" in presence based sessions, adapting them to your reality and way of being.

Specific goals and milestones will be set each working day and will become concrete actions that will offer the conscientious experiences necessary to discover, for yourself, what things would be better for you to do differently and, therefore, what changes to incorporate.


“¡Pero que conste que para mí es muy difícil cambiar!”A participant once told us: "I feel sorry for you if you are going to try to get me to change once and for all. I have been trying to for years and, in the end, I always fall back into my same darn habits!".

Cajas con escalerasWe completely agree with this comment. Nobody said this would be easy, not at all. Not much effort would be needed if it were easy. Why do people sign up with a gym to get into shape when they could do the same exercises at home for free? Because most of us evolve better with the help of an expert to guide us, to give us a good method, an expert who motivates us and is demanding.

When good professionals want to improve themselves they go straight to a specialist who will help them demand that of themselves, motivate them and take them forward even in the face of adversity.  They will go to someone who will guide them with an effective method and guarantees; someone who is able to understand their everyday reality.  You will soon meet your "developer".


¿Quién dirigirá entonces mi Ciclo OW?The OW Program directors are Top-senior professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in management and sales prior to joining Otto Walter. They have worked with various companies and have accepted the firm committment to support you during your development. However, they will expect a lot from you and require perseverance and enthusiasm in getting those results that depend on your active participation, involvement and unbreakable will to change.

They will not agree with you on everything but will give you challenges that "test you" in everyday difficulties. Now, no matter how well prepared a consultant may be in the OW method, they cannot get anyone to improve if that person does not want to improve or does not put their best foot forward. That is why we need your collaboration, your availability to question yourself and let yourself be guided.

Take the leap and experience what thousands of professionals like you have successfully experienced. They were all highly committed and ended up saying: "It really was worth it!".


¿Estás dispuesto a intentarlo?If so, we just ask one thing of you: give yourself a chance, we only ask for an initial "sacrifice". You will share various identifiable situations with a small group of professionals, discovering approaches that are similar to your way of seeing things and, others, that might be completely different.

The effort we are asking you to make is that you turn differences into learning and improvement opportunities and avoid questioning everything just because something does not initially coincide with your idea. To do this, here is the If you nevr try you'll never knowfirst challenge: on the first day, go as open minded as possible.  The idea is to find, for a few weeks, a reason for self-reflexion on key aspects of your everyday environment, experiencing the objectives marked  every day of the Program

You will soon see for yourself how, by doing almost the same thing, tweeking it slightly and doing it with much more criteria, a huge dimension of possibilities will open up that can be applied more effectively, letting you enjoy your job more. There is also an area, however, that must be faced.  What happens when those around me begin to notice changes in my way of doing things, of behaving with them, treating them?


¡Cielos, está haciendo un curso!“General alarm; remember what happened the last time, when you were doing strange things for days and appplying bizarre techniques?"

It is understandable for you to think that those around you might think this way if you begin to change, just like that, all of a sudden.  This could, actually, stop your initial enthusiasm.

Let us make a suggestion. Dare to clearly put the situation out there.  Warn those around you that they are going to notice different things, that you are reconsidering many key issues that will transform into new opportunities and improvements in your professional behavior.

If you do not think this is a good idea, remember that, in any case, they will notice the change.  Let them!  If that helps make everything work better then you will see how quickly they take note and support your evolution.

I wish you a positive participation and the highest achievement of the OW Cycle!

Paco Muro
President and CEO of Otto Walter


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